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Shirley, a six feet ten female bodybuilder, speaks:

"Ever since i was a little girl, I've always kicked on having power. On being in charge. on being the strongest or the tallest.

And since the first years of high school, I've wanted to become a cop. Walk around with a gun. put people in handcuffs. order them around.

During the first couple of weeks on the job I sorta got the lay of the land.

Now it's time for action.

And just like in the movies it all starts with... a broken tail light..."

Thus begins another Amazonian adventure. Whereas in "Caught" I brought you the experiences of a small male cop and a big girl, this comic is about the reverse: a big female cop and her male victim, Donnie.

This is the first ever collaborative comic, with text and script by James Stilton and artwork by Dick--Justice.  It features a very sexy heroine - who lusts after power, comparisons, lifts, NSFW scenes, girl-on-girl action, domination and humiliation. It's not entirely for the faint of heart. 

107 pages

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