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Once again lecter38 brings us both new and familiar sexy characters in this fourth part of the incredible Muscle Crush series. 

In the first category belong the two buxom young girls Skye and her friend Barb. They're big, strong, muscular and curvy. As they talk about their conquests, they are spotted by Mr Gaber, their older black neighbour. The girls bring Mr Gaber into their conversation (literally) and have some fun comparing their big bodies with his little one.

Next, we switch to Bridget, who is carrying Tim and Lilly to Tim's bedroom and is going to have some great fun with both of them at the same time. The big female bodybuilder lifts them, throws them around, makes them please her front and back. It's a feast to the eyes!

Finally, we find Rob and his gigantic and cute girlfriend Jenny walking in on Ms Kim, who is still showing off to Steven. They are soon joined by Jenny and Tim, and a wrestling match is proposed: Jenny will fight the three guys at the same time! Some incredibly sexy scenes follow, that have to be seen to be believed!

117 pages

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