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Previously in the Muscle Bombshells series, we briefly met Ed and Mindy during a very uneven mixed wrestling match. The bout lasted only a few seconds and the young man ended up flat on the mat, with the massive amazon sitting on top of him. 

In this issue we go back to that moment and watch what happens afterward, between the sexy, gigantic, ebony amazon Mindy, who is strong, playful, sensual, sometimes dominant, sometimes submissive, and very loving and gentle (most of the time). We'll witness these characters getting quickly closer (and indeed very close) together, exploring each other's bodies as if there were no tomorrow.

Mindy is the first black amazon in a leading role, and what a woman she is: incredibly tall, sexy, sculpted, with gorgeous skin and a wonderful face. This story contains amazing size comparisons, feats of female strength, muscle worship, lift and carry and different ways, a sexy hot tub scene, tiny bikinis and much more!

114 pages

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