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Chapter 4 of this series ended with Tania taking on Tim, ready to punish him for what Tania sees as his betrayal...
Now, in this chapter, as the female bodybuilder grabs her tiny ex-boyfriend, both think back on how they met, and how things were different back in the day, when Tania protected Tim against his bullies. Will Tania's sisters, coming to Tim's rescue, succeed in convincing Tania to re-evaluate the situation?

In the meantime, something serious happens to Tania's father which is a direct consequences of Tania's briefly womanhandling him. Everything and everyone comes together around the drama, while Tim and Tania are trying to salvage their relationship. 
This chapters features superhuman strength feats by musclegirl Tania, a lot of awesome comparison between the different members of the supermuscular family, a very hot bedroom scene, muscle-romance and drama, Tania taking care of a couple of jocks in an absent-minded way, and much more!

116 pages

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