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Amber and Julian is one of my signature stories, and my first long series. Read how Julian meets the tall female bodybuilder Amber, and starts telling her about his past, where he was abused by his big, bodybuilding stepsister Marjorie. Read and see how Julian recollects Marjorie entering his house and home when they were both fifteen. Marjorie quickly joins the gym and starts working out like crazy. She discovers dominating Julian is a breeze, and enslaves him. She shows Julian how she can easily take on his father too, in a public humiliation. Later, Marjorie will take Julian with her when she goes to college. 

Physical and mental domination, lifting and wrestling scenes, tender scenes and especially the sexy characters of the kind Amber and the unpredictable (but mostly cruel) Marjorie. And then we've not even mentioned Julian's stepmother. You are in for a treat!

This product contains ALL the episodes of the entire Amber & Julian story so far. The story is huge: almost 1500 pictures (with text). It includes the interludes Roleplay and Hotel Heat. The only part it does NOT contain are the episodes of "Another lesson for Mr McMillan".

This series was created in 2014-2015, so it's a bit older and you'll see that my artwork has improved a lot since then, but as you can see in the reviews, that doesn't take away from the power of the whole story.

Click here to download a pdf with all 1500 thumbnails of the story.

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