One year anniversary!

We're one year old! One year of drawing and offering amazon stories with big muscular, dominant women and their tiny male counterparts. It's been fun and enriching to do, and I hope you had fun reading my stories. In the meantime, there's more than forty products availble on this store, and I have ideas for many more to come. I have, I think, improved the quality of the pictures, also thanks to a new computer which I was able to by with sales profits. 

If you have feedback, let me know. Writing these comics is a lonely job and I welcome it!

By the way, especially for this anniversary, here are some coupons you can use:

- a coupon code for a storewide 20% discount, valid till April 10, 2015. Use code 1YAM25
- a coupon that gives you 10$ off for orders from 30$ and up! Use code 10off30. Valid till March 22, 2015 only!


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