On storytelling

Maybe you have noticed that my comics are more elaborate than most comics or illustrated stories in this "genre". Most of the stories I encounter are pretty much wham-bam straight to the point, focusing on the action (being fighting, wrestling, posing, lifting, domination, humiliation...). In most cases, there is hardly any plot. I have some stories like that (for the ones who are interested in that type: the Emma series; Marjorie: selfies with Julian; chapter 3 of Growing Muscles; Big Babes... are examples), but most of my comics are different. They contain a bit more plot, a bit more dialogue, a bit more character development.

I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing, I'm just saying it's more my thing. I like it much more when muscles are only shown gradually and not right away. I like it when a relationship of domination between a woman and a man develops slowly, so that, when things happen, we understand what the characters are going through better. I like it when there's a plot also, where you wonder what will happen in the future. I like to create characters that you care about, and characters that are not entirely black and white (my favorite type is not the cruel nor the gentle type, but the unpredictable type that can switch from cruel to gentle and back in a couple of minutes).

Some of my favorite characters are Julian and Marjorie in Amber and Julian, Katie and Nathan (in the story Katie's Tale, currently on lhart.com), and I think Marianne and Mike will also develop into interesting characters in House of Calves (which I think is my best plotted story so far).

Anyway, I welcome your feedback. What do you like? 


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