About the prices of my stories

November 24, 2014

I'm curious to know what you think about the prices of my stories. Setting the price is a delicate thing. Of course, the more people that buy the story, the easier I can gain back the time I invested in the story and the lower the price can be. 

The price I ask for a story depends most of all on the number of pictures (though long stories that have been published or have been available for free earlier, can have relatively low prices), but also on other factors. Basically the price has to reflect the time I invested in the story. That time is also determined by the number of characters in the story, how many different settings (backgrounds) there are, how good the renders are (good renders with good lighting can take up to forty minutes per picture), etc.

To give you an idea, a good story may sell like sixty times or so. Say that story costs 9$, than I make 540$ from that story. Say it is seventy pictures, then I make 7$ per picture. I can make about 5 pictures an hour, which means that i would make 35$ an hour. From all of this you have to subtract the cost of the site and financial costs (together about 10 %), taxes and especially the costs for buying all the 3D models. A simple dress or a pair of shoes or hair can cost as much as 15$ a piece. 

So you understand that it's not that obvious to make a lot of money selling these stories. I therefore hope that no one who buys the stories will post them somewhere on a forum for free for others, fun as that may seem (I'll write something about that later).

I welcome feedback on my prices. 


Thanks for buying my stories!

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