"I'm always lifting guys in the gym!" - an interview with Rea Trabelsi

Rea Trabelsi, according to her instagram profile, is the first and only Arabian professional female bodybuilder. As you can see, she looks downright amazing. As always, we asked her the questions you want to hear the answers to...


Rea's stats: 

  • height : 170cm
  • weight : 83kg
  • biceps : 40
  • thighs :70cm /each one 
  • birth year :1998


Rea Trabelsi

What’s it like to be a muscular woman in a muslim culture? 
A strong woman in Muslim culture is a rebellious woman who doesn't care about people’s opinions about her, but forces them to respect her and appreciate her.

Can you tell us something about your athletic career? At what ages did you start what sports? 
I started with handball when I was nine years old and played that until I was sixteen. At sixteen I had the desire to be stronger than and different from the other girls around me. And so I started with fitness. After two years of that, in 2018, I did my first competition, the Diamond Cup in Serbia. I got the fourth place in the figure category. It was a great experience for me and it increase my desire to grow and get bigger. In 2020 I got my pro card and I competed in physique and figure in the Sheru classic.

What was the main reason you got into these sports?
I wanted to be strong, big, and different. In my country being a muscular woman is of course even more exceptional than say in the USA.

Do you like to be strong? What do you like about it?
Being strong makes me self-confident. I love to be solid and huge, and have to feeling of being unbreakable. And it makes me the boss wherever I go!

Are you stronger than regular guys?
Sure I am!

What is your earliest memory of enjoying the feeling of being stronger or bigger than a boy? How was it?
I was playing with my cousin. This was when I was seven or eight. We were wrestling at home and I won. He was older and bigger than me, but I put him between my thighs until he couldn’t breathe. Then I made all my other cousins mock him. I felt really strong and loved the feeling of him between my thighs. 

Do you still sometimes measure your strength with guys? 
I do it as much as I can because it’s great fun. I'm always lifting guys in the gym! When I was in university (last year), every two or three days I would armwrestle the students in my class to remind them that I was the boss. I always won!

Do you like to be stronger than guys?
Of course! When I make the strongest men feel weak, I derive a great sense of pleasure from the power. It makes me feel even stronger and more dominant. 

Rea Trabelsi female bodybuilder

How do you enjoy flexing for guys, and showing your muscles. Do you enjoy the feeling when guys are impressed by your muscles? 
Flexing my muscles makes me powerful, and the slow-moving of muscles makes me stronger, that feeling is so hot and sexy! When I see how guys are amazed and impressed with my muscles and power, it makes me feel proud. And when I see fear on someone’s face my feeling changes to one of domination!

Me, I’m 135 lbs. Can you think of an imaginary workout you can do with a guy like me? 
135 lbs?! Haha, that’s less than my warm-up weight! I can do an endless amount of overhead lifts, biceps curls, deadlifts and bench presses with that weight! I’m also a powerlifer and a crossfiter so it really easy for me!

Thank Rea, for this interview!

Rea Trabelsi on instagram