"I'll use you as a gym towel" - an interview with Canadian Amazon Monika Podgorski

Go through Monika Podgorski's twitter feed and you'll find tweets saying things like "Under 200lbs for my show and still 10 times stronger than you", "Who wants to be snapped in two?" or "You can't handle this power." She consistently flaunts her power and her domination, as well as her big muscles in the pictures that she posts. Oh, and she told me that she actually goes up to 237lbs! And she's beautiful to boot.
I knew I had to ask her some questions...

Monika Perogies



Monika, can you tell us something about your athletic career? At what ages did you start what sports? 
My athletic career began when I was on the Freestyle Wrestling Team in High School. I was always stronger than the boys and sent many home crying after practise. As a wrestler I competed at 155 lbs, becoming one of the best female wrestlers in Canada. In 2018, I started with bodybuilding and have been as heavy as 230lbs!

Would you say you are naturally dominant?
From a young age the boys at school would give me their dinner money when I demanded. I love to dominate weak boys, it comes naturally to me. Even so-called Alpha's are terrified of me. 

What is your earliest memory of submitting/overpowering/dominating a boy? 
That was high School wrestling practise. This boy said he didn't want to partner with a girl as "girls are weak" - his words not mine. I twisted him up like a pretzel and he never bothered me again.

On your Twitter you clearly mention that you’re into financial domination and looking for paypigs. Apart from providing you with some funds, does it excite you to dominate guys into paying you?
Yes, I like leaving weak beta males empty and defeated. It's the New World Order, heheh.

Canadian Amazon


One of your tweet reads “stronger than every male I know”. Is that true?
Perhaps with the exception of elite strength athletes and top tier bodybuilders, but I can fight as well as lift heavy. 

What exactly do you like about being strong?
Good question. Everything really, from the ability to push weights to the physique I gain from it.

Do you sometimes measure your strength with guys, or show your muscles or strength in public?
Yes, many dudes in the gym challenge me to armwrestle. Haven't found one that can beat me yet. 

Me, I’m 135 lbs. Can you think of an imaginary workout you can do with a guy like me? 
I will just pick you up and use you as a gym towel.

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