"I decide if they live or die - an interview with Sheena Wrestler

Sheena Wrestler is a beautiful, sexy, muscular woman who can be seen holding her opponents in lots of different expert wrestling and judo moves across the many pictures and videos you can find of her. She was born in 1991 and says she is getting stronger month by month. We have no reason to doubt her, and asked her the questions you want to know the answer to...

Sheena Wrestler

Amazonias: Hi Sheena, first, can you tell us some of your stats?
Sheena Wrestler: I am 1.66 m tall (5.5") and weigh 78 kg (171 lbs) of solid muscle). My best results in the gym are: squat 120 kg (265 lbs), bench press 85 kg (187 lbs), deadlift 145 kg (320 lbs). 

Please talk to us about your athletic career. At what ages did you start what sports?
My father was a judo coach, so it was natural for me to get into this sport. I started to train almost as soon as i could walk. At nine my father started his own judo club and I was part of it. I also did athletics from nine to fourteen (sprinting, jumping…), but then I completely focused on judo, which became my top priority. I did it untill the Olympic games in 2016. From 2013 I also started with wrestling, and that has been my main focus since 2016. I’m still actively doing judo but only in the national competition.

You’re now a session wrestler. Is that your main job? How did you get into that?
In 2014 I got my first invitation for a session, but it was only training at judo. I didn’t know anything about this whole “session thing”. When i finished that first session with the guy, he gave me money - quite good money, normally what I earned in a month with professional judo. This was in our home, where we had our own judo club and our gym - like I said. Later, people started to ask me to do sessions where I would choke them. One production company from Slovakia reached out to me because I had some videos on youtube about self-defence. So that’s how I started to understand that these wrestling sessions were actually a kind of fetish for certain guys.
Later, I asked a guy what this was all about and he told me I could make good money because according to him I was good at it naturally. He told me he could see I was really dominant. Then i realized I always liked to train with guys and always wanted to show them that I could teach them a lesson. I realized that the people in my sessions saw my desire for domination in me and that that was why they liked me and wanted to fight me. I didn’t get really into it until I stopped doing judo, when I didn’t qualify for the Olympics. I started to do more and more sesions, and soon realized I was born for this. I honestly like it better than judo. There are no rules. I started building up my empire, I was doing what i wanted.

That dominant side, has that always been there?
I remember that there were girls in high school who were teasing me, in order to provoke me. Afterward it became clear to me that they wanted to be dominated. I also used to throw guys in front of the teacher. I was always armwrestling and always winning. But the sessions really helped me realize how much I loved to dominate. I think I was born with this desire. In any case, it was there from a very early age. I think about eighty percent of my clients can remember experiences in childhood.

Sheena Wrestler

Do you have one concrete early memory of it?
Yes, I was eleven. I have four siblings, who are at least three years younger. In school, some guys were teasing them and my brothers were always coming to me to protect them. I was always teaching the bullies a lesson. That’s why the teachers liked me, they thought i was doing a good job.
In relationships, I always wanted strong guys. I wanted challenges. Things often got competitive and sometimes even turned into real fights. My longest relationship was four years, and it stopped because we almost killed each other. He was a free style wrestling champion, but even he had difficulty submitting me.

So maybe you need a more submissive guy in your life?
Yes, it won’t work with a dominant one. I hate being controlled. When people try to control me, I turn into a bitch. I need to wait for the right one. The submissive guys in the sessions, I don’t see them as potential boyfriends, but as clients. Once a guy didn’t stop mailing me after a session, and it turned into a relationship, but later he got jealous because I was of course also wrestling other guys. His ego got hurt and it didn’t last. But basically people need to trust that I’m very loyal, even if many guys are attracted to me.

What do you like to do most of all in sessions?
I love so many things about it. I love to apply scissors - I have really strong thighs. I love competitive wrestling. Now and then I love to show my strength against a really strong guy, though that’s not my favorite, because it’s what I did my whole life. I just want to show guys that I’m stronger. I love to break their ego.
I also like to have domination sessions. I love to verbally dominate and do trash talk. We can’t do that in judo. I’m telling them how strong I am, how weak they are. Things like “my morning coffee was stronger than you are”. They get mad and want to get out of my holds but they can’t. So Imake fun of them and humiliate them. Afterward and before I’m really nice to them though. The meanness is more acting.

Sheena Wrestler

What exactly do you like about being strong?
I like to make guys feel completely helpless, even with dangerous holds, so that they really panic. I’m a very good actor. I can pretend to be a psychopath who’s going to kill them. So I'lI take them in a head scissors, for instance. I know the limits and let them go right before they get knocked out. They lose control. The feeling of their panic and screaming and begging and beating is wonderful. I often say say that I decide if they live or die. Their despair gives me a lot of energy and recharges my body.

What are your plans for the future?
I want to get my pro card in fitness, get more sponsorship and be an influencer, have my own youtube channel in Hungarian, be personal trainer, have my own brand of clothes, maybe even a restaurant...

Good luck!

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