An interview with Maria Wattel (Miss Monrow)

Of all the female bodybuilders in the world, maybe Maria Wattel, born and bred in the Netherlands, is my personal favorite. She ticks all the boxes I love being ticked: huge muscles, very tall, beautiful and dominant.

I've actually met Maria personally and I can tell you that while many female bodybuilders are smaller in real life than they look in the pictures, this is not the case for Maria Wattel. Indeed, here's a woman to whom pictures - as good as she looks in them - don't do justice. 

One other thing images of her can't really show is how strong she is. She was more or less able to do anything with me, but what I most remember is her walking towards me and, in one smooth movement, putting her hands under my armpits and lifting me, sticking me against the wall with my head above hers. 

Maria Wattel Bodybuilder, female bodybuilder Maria Wattel


I was happy to ask her some questions - many of whom I'm sure you'd like to hear the answer to. But first of all, her stats:

  • height: 6’1 /185 cm
  • weight: 194 - 209 lbs / 88 - 95 kg   
  • biceps: 15,7 - 16,1 inches / 40 - 41 cm
  • thighs: Maria doesn't know exactly, but she says bigger than yours :-)
  • born: 1980

Do you like to be strong? What exactly do you like about it?
I love being strong! I most of all love the feeling of being invincible.

Would you say you are stronger than many regular guys? If so, do you like that? And what exactly do you like about it?
First of all, I am somewhat of a control freak, a very physical person who is highly competitive on top of that. So I guess that makes it quite obvious why I like to be stronger than the boys. 
As an Alpha female, the essence of life for me is to push beyond my limits and do things others are afraid of or quite frankly do not have the capacity to do.

Maria Wattel

Do you have any fighting skills? 
I have seven years of practice in Muay Thai boxing

Do you sometimes measure your strength with guys?
Yes, mostly I win! :-)

Do you ever flex in public?
Yes, I do it for fun. People will often stare, and so I look back at them and give them something to stare at.

Have you ever been in a situation that was for real, where you really had to defend yourself against guys? 
Not really. When I get angry people always back off.

What is your earliest memory enjoying the feeling of being stronger or bigger than a boy? 
I think I was ten or even younger, when I was trying to run faster than the boys and show them I could to things they couldn't.

Can you tell us what you feel when you dominate? What are the thoughts that go through your head? 
I feel utmost power. The feeling is like a high - I'm kind of addicted to it. It's my drug of choice. But I have to be careful not to cross certain boundaries. I possess too much strength (both mentally and physically) and can never unleash the beast inside me completely.
The thought that excites me is the control I have over others. The devotion some men have for me is thrilling.

You must be one of the tallest female bodybuilders in the world. Do you enjoy being taller than guys? 
Of course being tall helps me with my desire to be more powerful than others. You know, I always wonder why small guys exist. Men are supposed to be more powerful than women, so why are some men so small? Maybe it has something to do with evolution and natural selection. As many smaller guys adore big women… maybe that's nature working in some kind of funny way...

female bodybuilder Maria Wattel

Can tall women be convinced to date short men?
Sure it's possible. Just do not be an asshole or a dull person.

If a submissive man would like to date you, how should he best go about it?
Personal hygiene and appearance must be very good. Since he will be submissive, he will tick a lot of boxes, servitude, devoting his time and attention, plus finance. With finance I mean, he must be willing to work on a good career to provide for his Alpha female. And a good career comes with a positive outlook on life and a certain level of IQ. So in general terms an all-round work ethic in all aspects of life is required.

How do you enjoy flexing for guys, and showing your muscles?
I enjoy it flexing for guys mostly if I get something back for it. That can take many forms, like admiration, devotion or serving as a good piggy bank for me.

Have you ever dominated a guy in a relationship? 
Yes, a Female Led Relationship is my preference. 

Miss Monrow has been especially inspired by my comic series Katie.

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