An interview with Goddess Severa

The dominant strongwoman we interviewed this time is no other than the incredibly imposing, 6.5 feet high Goddess Severa. As usual, we asked Her the questions we know you have for Her! Please note that that all pronouns referring to the Goddess are spelled with capitals, which is of course the way it should be.

Goddess Severa flexing
Amazonias: Hi Goddess! I assume You like to be strong? Can You tell us exactly what it is that You like about it?

Goddess Severa: Of course I enjoy being strong.  What’s not to like?  Along with My unusual height, My naturally strong physique lends Me an undeniable authority.  I’m not a pushover.  Were it not for My pleasant personality, My commanding presence would immediately intimidate (and still does).

Would You say You are stronger than many regular guys? Do You enjoy that?
I very much enjoy throwing My weight about and schooling men. I’m a Dominatrix, Alpha Female, Femme Fatale...Submission Specialist... and dominating men is when I’m happiest. I’ve got natural, functional strength earned honestly through an athletic and healthy lifestyle. I do not take growth hormones or steroids or anything that would give Me an unfair advantage.  I’m strong because I have an active lifestyle and I prove it on the mat.

Do You have any fighting skills? wrestling, martial arts, kickboxing… if so, what level are You, how long have You done it?
I have a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  It took Me about a dozen years to achieve.  I’ve been in the “shark tank” with large, physical men and have learned from some top notch, famous beasts.  I’ve spent many thousands of hours on the mat understanding how to use leverage and apply correct techniques - this was all on My own time, time that I paid for Myself. The effort and sacrifice, the bruises, torn ligament, broken bones and more was all of My own volition. Achieving the level I did took much blood, sweat and tears and earned Me respect among My peers.

Do You sometimes measure Your strength with guys (outside of sessions and video recordings)?
Being strong is part of My sexuality and playful nature.  I have often challenged My sweetie to arm wrestling or wrestle as a form of foreplay (in My personal relationship).

Have You ever been in a situation that was for real, where You really had to defend yourself against guys? Have You ever hurt a guy?
No - knock on wood, I haven’t been in any truly violent situations.  Of course there is no lack of mouthy bozos in bars, but the moment I stand up the situation is usually deflated. I’ve shoved a few guys, but I’m conflict averse and smart enough to not have to rely on the lowest common denominator of physical strength.  That being said, I did stop what I thought was a mugging. I saw a woman on the pavement in NYC with a guy on top of her and she was screaming while he pulled on her bag. There was a crowd of people watching and doing nothing.  Having come from My BJJ class, I proceeded to put him in a rear naked choke - at which point she got up and ran...leaving her bag behind.  I let go of the man and he turned around...and then I saw his “Security” badge! So that was My Spiderman moment and important lesson... yikes.

What is Your earliest memory of enjoying the feeling of being stronger or bigger than a boy?
I’ve always been bigger than boys (and men). When I was thirteen I was six feet tall. Boys take longer to mature- so of course I did My fair share of toying with them.  Being naturally dominant, I enjoyed games where I kidnapped the boys and tied them up- despite their protestations.

Can You tell us what you feel when You dominate? What are the thoughts that go through Your head? The thoughts that excite You?
When I’m dominating, I’m very present and not thinking of anything else other than the individual in front of Me.  I’ve been a Domme for over 15 years now, so sadistic thrills comes easily to Me and are a welcome change of pace from an otherwise “normal” day. I watch. I observe. I react.  It’s animalistic, but controlled.  I’m good at what I do and I enjoy sharing Myself this way with men who can truly let go and appreciate My dominance.

Do You enjoy being taller than guys? How does it feel to be towering above the little ones?
I do.  It’s quite a pleasure to walk into an elevator full of men and to be taller than them all.  It feels Dominant.  I can feel all their eyes on Me.

You are one in a million, but there are thousands of guys looking for a woman like You. What would be Your advice to them?
Be persistent. If you want to get into a woman’s good graces, do things for her - become invaluable.  Separate yourself from the masses by being someone She can rely on, someone who provides things for Her before She even knows She needs it.  I’m in a relationship now with a former client turned boyfriend.  He’s only 5’7”.  I wouldn’t have considered him EVER for a boyfriend... but he grew on Me.  He was someone I could always turn to in times of need.  He spoiled Me. He was kind to Me. I can trust him and rely on his loyalty.  I can’t speak for others, but I like that..

What do You think in general about tall women and short guys? Can tall women be convinced to date short men?
As I just said, I’m currently dating a shortie.  We’re all the same height lying down. You just have to try harder and know how to please a woman.

If a submissive man would like to date You, how would he best go about it?
I’m not available for dating.  As I stated, men, and subs in particular, should make themselves invaluable.

How do You enjoy flexing for guys, and showing Your muscles
Have you seen My many pictures?  I’ve got hundreds of those sorts of pics of Me showing off on My member website It’s the best pose - very authoritative and fun. I’m an exhibitionist so enjoy displays of power.

Do You like the feeling that a man fears You?
I do indeed. I love to feel a man’s heart nervously feel his cold, clammy see the look of fear in his eyes when he realizes that I’m not simply tall, but an amazing package of sensuality, kink and strength.

And here are Goddess Severa's stats:

height 6’5”
weight 195
biceps 13”
thighs 22”

6'5" Amazon Goddess Severa now in San Diego and Los Angeles!
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