An interview with Dominique Danger

Dominique Danger is everything a female muscle and strength admirer could ever want: strong, big, dominant, and awesome wrestling skills! I asked her the questions you want to know the answers to...

dominique danger

What are your stats?

  • height: 5'5"/165cm
  • weight: 200lb
  • biceps: 17"
  • thighs: 30"
  • age: 37

When did you start with bodybuilding and why?

I was 19 and very bottom heavy when I started bodybuilding. I wanted my upper body to match my legs and so lifting big weights seemed like a good idea. I had been lifting weights though since I was very young, only without the structure of a bodybuilding regimen. I just always loved being bigger and stronger than all the boys I grew up with.

Do you like to be strong? What do you like about it?

I love being strong. It is very empowering for a woman to be physically superior to a man and I have strived to be just that in every aspect of my life and not just my physical prowess.

Are you stronger than regular guys?

If so, do you enjoy it? what exactly do you like about it?
Absolutely. I am a female supremacist and believe that women are at the top of the food chain. I love every aspect of the dominance/submission dynamic, with men being nothing more than subservient bottoms here to serve Our every need. 

Do you have any fighting skills (wrestling, martial arts, kickboxing…)?
I am a black belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu - one of only two women to ever go from white to black belt under a red and white belt Grand Master.  I hold several titles including gold at the World Championship, the New York Open and the European Open to name but a few. I also hold gold at the Arnold Classic Superfights, the Europa Show of Champions, and the Olympia.

Do you sometimes measure your strength with guys? lifting, wrestling, armwrestling…?
If I ever run into a guy who seems like he can hold his own, I'll try to compare strength and skill, only to be very disappointed. This happens across the board with everyone.

Have you ever been in a situation that was for real, where you really had to defend yourself against guys? 
Guys don't fuck with me. They have at least enough sense about them to know better. I hurt guys regularly. I enjoy watching them squeal.

Can you tell us some fantasies about dominating guys?
I have been dominating boys since I was a little girl.  I've acted on every fantasy I've ever had.  The best part of any fantasy is I always take what I want, when I want it. And no man can stop me. 

How do you enjoy flexing for guys, and showing your muscles?
How? With tons of oil and dim lights so that every rock hard ripple pops just right.

What is your earliest memory of enjoying the feeling of being stronger or bigger than a boy? How was it?
I am 2.5 years older than my twin brothers. When we were children I would take away all their toys and really enjoyed watching their futile attempts at retrieving them. 

Have you ever dominated a guy in a relationship?
Yes. Those are the only kinds of relationships I have.

Do you like to be worshipped? How?
I like to be touched while I flex. 

What position do you like a man to be in most?
On his knees!

If a submissive man would like to date you, how would he best go about it?
He would offer up his ass on a gold platter.

From Dominique's profile on
Dominique Says: "Alpha Female Powerhouse and Mighty Muse of wrath and seduction. I am one of the biggest, strongest, fastest and most skilled woman at my craft with a list of credentials and accomplishments that speaks for itself. Very experienced player, well versed in the SM arts for all kinksters, thrill seekers and aficionados of female combat. I am confident that I can provide any client of any age, weight, height or skill level with a unique and memorable experience. I am generally game to trying anything if it displays the efficiency with which I can overpower and dominate my opponent with minimal effort. I am graceful, feminine, friendly, feisty, fun and take immense pleasure and pride in what I do. 

I cater to a very diverse clientele, that ranges from the muscle worshipper to the hardcore masochist. My skills and talents are many, and I can incorporate them all into a single session, creating a unique experience, where fantasy and reality intertwine. I am a supreme female who trains hard, and plays harder. So be sure to bring your A game because mine is always an A+. 

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