An interview with Amber Deluca

Amber Deluca is a legend. A goddess. She is one of the strongest women in the world, and from the videos and photos you can find of her it is clear that Amber is a naturally dominant woman. I had the honour to interview her and ask her all the questions that I'm sure you want to see answered... Enjoy...



Amazonias: Wamber deluca amazonhen did you start with bodybuilding and why?
Amber Deluca: I started training with weights at 13 years old.  My volleyball coach introduced the team to Nautilus and then free weights.  I knew that if I got stronger, I would become a better athlete.  I was a track athlete, at first a quarter-miler, then one-half miler.  But before too long, I was too big for these events to be competitive, so my coach talked me into throwing the shotput and discus my senior year, and I set the high school record in the discus.  I went to college on a volleyball scholarship, where I continued to weight train and also trained at a local bodybuilding gym.  I never competed in the art form of bodybuilding until 2001 as a figure competitor and then, finally, after doing a photo-shoot with Bill Dobbins, he encouraged me to take the next step and compete in bodybuilding, so I did in 2003.  I competed at the national level after winning my first show in 2003, up to 2006.  I weighed about 180 pounds during my competitions.  I lived with my girlfriend, an IFBB professional bodybuilder in the Netherlands in 2008.  When I returned home, I had a change of heart, and since I broke the 200-pound barrier in bodyweight, I decided to see how strong I could get.  Since then, I have had a love affair with getting strong as possible, and from there, I have been hooked on all things powerful.  I am best known for my human feats of strength, lifting men overhead with one arm and two arms and becoming one of the strongest women in the world.

Do you like to be strong? what do you like about it?

I have always enjoyed being strong ever since I can remember.  When I was a young girl, from around 8-12 years old, I used to climb trees, get in foot races, and play games of strength with the boys in my neighborhood. We used to challenge ourselves in high jump, piling all the pillows up, wrestled, and did acro-balancing type movements without really knowing what we were doing.  It was just a natural thing for us to do.  I have always thought it was healthy and natural to be strong, and always wanted to be stronger.

Are you stronger than regular guys?
I am stronger than an average male.  I am also stronger than a lot of trained men.

Do you like to be stronger than guys?
I enjoy being stronger than men, particularly men that are athletes or are “alpha males”.  I like to beat them at their own game.   It’s a real turn on for me knowing I am so soft, feminine and beautiful, but also very strong.  The dichotomy and duality of strength and femininity is intoxicating for both men and women.  It is a natural aphrodisiac, because most men do not expect a beautiful woman to be strong.  I am stronger than I look, although, lately since I am into the mid 200’s bodyweight, that may have changed a bit.

Do you enjoy being stronger than them? if so, what exactly do you like about it?

I enjoy being stronger than men because it is not expected.  I am not a bully. I think it is very sexy and erotic knowing that I can take care of a man physically.  A man is turned on by a strong woman biologically, because he is hard-wired to be attracted to a woman that can bear his children, hunt and gather food, collect water, fight and protect the family.  Men can appreciate a woman that is strong because this indicates she can bear healthy children; bring wealth in bearing many children, and being an active participant in a tribal community.   Even if a woman chooses to refrain from child bearing, the chemistry for a good sexual encounter is based on this biology.

Do you have any fighting skills? wrestling, martial arts, kickboxing… if so, what level are you, how long have you done it
I have practiced wrestling, Muay Thai and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.  I have a basic knowledge and skills.

amber deluca overhead liftDo you sometimes measure your strength with guys? lifting, armwrestling…? what is the result? tell maybe about one or more concrete experiences
I have armwrestled and lifted weights with many men over the years.  I can beat the average man in an armwrestling match, and even men that are trained.  I like to go to the gym and just bang out some heavy sets in whatever I am doing, bench press, and overhead pressing in particular.  One time, a world-class strongman approached me in the gym and told me he had never seen a woman overhead press 185 pounds for reps. I just laughed and told him I just do this for fun.  He told me I should compete in strongwoman shows, so I took him up on the offer.  I went to his house and after our first training session, was lifting a 300-pound Atlas stone from the ground onto a platform.  After three months of training with implements, I became one of the strongest women in the world, beating the world’s strongest woman in three events, and placing 4th overall in North America’s Strongest Woman in 2011.

Do you sometimes wrestle or fight with guys?
I will wrestle men from time to time.  I typically like to submit in a rear-naked choke, triangle choke, armbar, or bodyscissors. I have always just wrestled guys for fun—when I was in college, I regularly wrestled the guys on the wrestling team.

Have you ever been in a situation that was for real, where you really had to defend yourself against guys? have you ever hurt a guy?
When I was in college, my roommate and I had been to a frat party—we were pretty durnk.  The guys that were taking the money for the night and I got into a tussle.  I ended up submitting them and taking their money in the sub zero temperature on the street.   We counted it up the next morning, did our laundry and ordered pizza (those were high times for us) and it was in the neighborhood of $400.  We returned it the next day to them.  I think they would have preferred we kept it to save them the humiliation.

Can you tell us some fantasies about dominating guys?
There are so many, where do I start? First of all, true domination starts in the mind.  A man has to know in his heart of hearts that he cannot get out of whatever submission I put him in.  Or, that I can completely overpower him with my sheer strength, or lift him in any way I desire, and in the end, make him my pleasure slave.  But, it’s also fun knowing truly powerful men (intellectually, physically, and financially) who do not need to be trained trained or submitted and naturally know their place with me.

How do you enjoy being taller than guys (when it happens)
I am rather tall for a woman, at 5’9 barefooted and in heels, I tower over men. They like this, because they have to look up to me and their face is at my breast level.  I enjoy looking down at them, and wrapping my arms around them, allowing them to feel my power and sensuality of being engulfed in my big boobs and they embrace me and feel my powerful back, long strong arms and shoulders wrap around them.  This is the real essence of being a woman—showing a man both true power and sensuality.

Do you enjoy flexing for guys, and showing your muscles
Yes, I enjoy flexing and posing my entire body for a man.  Showing him something he has never seen, felt or experienced before.  My body is always full, hard, and my skin is smooth and tanned year round.  It must be an intoxicating experience to feel silk wrapped steel.  Most importantly, I like showing him how strong I am, such as lifting him up into my arms, overhead, and doing something erotic at the same time, such as giving him a blowjob or pinning him down.   This is something that most men will never experience from an ordinary woman!

amber deluca dominantWhat is your earliest memory of enjoying the feeling of being stronger or bigger than a boy? how was it?
My earliest experience was when I was in grade school.  I used to chase down the boys on the playground, but I was like a cat with a mouse, and only like to play with them.  I did not really know what do with them when I captured them.  As a mature woman, I know what to do now!

Have you ever dominated a guy in a relationship? (you can skip if it’s too personal)
Yes, not only in private relationships, but in dating, and for my productions as a fetish model for my own website.  Any man that gets involved with me must know how to handle my true desires.  I never realized it, but I am a naturally dominant woman.  From childhood to adulthood, I have always known how to dominate a man.  I think it’s best when you have a relationship with someone where there is give and take, and you can change roles between dominance and submission.  This is called balance.  We are not always alpha 24/7.  But it’s nice to be with someone that knows how to take the lead when he has to, and vice versa.  One time, when I was dating a man, he kept physically challenging me.  A few times, I had to submit him, although I did not want to hurt him.  I really bruised his ego, and the relationship was never the same once he realized I could be in total control or even hurt him if I wanted to.

Do you enjoy the feeling when guys are impressed by your muscles? maybe when they are afraid of you?
Yes, I enjoy when men look at my body in awe.  It makes all the years of hard work worth it.  When I sense fear in a man, it is a turn on to me, not in a sadistic, bullying way, but because I know he will worship me in any way I desire.  And, this makes the chemistry good for me because he will do his best to satisfy me in any way possible.

Do you like to be worshipped? How?      
I like a man to spoil me from head to toe.  Starting with a massage over a nice bottle of wine or champagne.  But first, I like to be fed very well and entertained.  I enjoy an engaging conversation, which stimulates and leads into the foreplay and massage.  A man must understand how to turn a woman on from the beginning, to the end.  All great sex begins in the mind—a mental foreplay.   I do not expect all my men to be submissive, but even the most powerful and alpha males must know how to engage me and entertain.

amber deluca overhead liftWhat position do you like a man to be in most?
I like a man to be on his hands and knees in between my thighs, worshipping me for a very long time.  This also shows his true devotion and capacity for endurance. Any real man has to be down on his hands and knees for long periods of time, not necessarily all at once, but intermittently and for bouts as long as I desire.  I also like for him to stay hard so I can ride him on top for long periods of time.

If a submissive man would like to date you, how would he best go about it?
He would simply contact me and tell me about himself, being completely open and honest about his desires.  I find true honesty to be the biggest attraction.  And, of course, he must know how to feed my desires.  This includes a willingness to learn how to please me both intellectually and sexually.  It is a seemingly simple formula, but includes layers of complexity that only true chemistry addresses.

If you were really angry with a guy, and supposing you would take him on physically, what exactly would you do?
Since I am naturally a non-violent person, I would take him down and submit him in a chokehold that would make him pass out very quickly.  He would not know what just occurred, but when he awakens, he will be humbled, humiliated and feel respect at the same time.  He may even cry about this self discovery.

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