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Julia wakes up from a night with little Pratt, finding the guy somewhere between her muscles.

After having some more fun with him, the huge musclewoman heads to the gym that is frequented by Scarlett, and where supposedly quite some amazons hang out. Its owner is the fabled female bodybuilder Jacqueline, who, if the tales are correct, is even bigger and stronger than Julia.

Julia finds herself enamoured with little Skipp, who is training there, but they're interrupted by a case of "rhoid rage": a male musclehead confronts them, and Julia faces off with him.

And that's all before the incredible Jacqueline turns up....

This amazing female domination comic by lecter38 features two incredibly big women lifting, dominating, humiliating and overpowering the boys. There's smothering and breastfeeding, flexing, worshiping, domination, a NSFW scene and a lot of working out and lifting weights!

120 pages

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