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Three years have passed since the huge Julia used Pratt every which way during a vacation. What has happened has left his marks on the small man, who by now has discovered a thing or two about himself.

Pratt is generally happy and content though, so when his mom tells him that she's arranged for Julia to say at Pratt's place for a short time, his life gets thrown around again.

Julia profusely apologizes for what she did to Pratt in the past. Also: she has grown. A LOT.

Pratt is enthralled with her incredibly bulding muscles and huge stature. And Julia, in her turn, still fancies little Pratt.

But will she be able to control herself this time? 

This wonderful comic by lecter38 features lifting (including one hand lifts), flexing, lapsitting, domination, smothering, breastfeeding, boobjobs and hand-jobs, flexing, muscle worship, an incredibly hot NSFW scene, comparisons, and more divine female strength and muscle stuff.

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