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Every year, Pratt (22) and his parents stay at the same vacation house. This year, Pratt is in for a surprise, which comes in the shape of Julia, the 16-year old girl whose parents rent the vacation home across his. The thing with Julia is: she's a tomboy, and despite her young age, she shows Pratt she's already stronger than him.

After what happens, Pratt doesn't join his parents the next year, out of fear. 

Another year later, he's hoping against hope that Julia won't be at the vacation home. But she is, and she has transformed once again.

Now Pratt is *entirely* defenseless against her avances, and Julia shows Pratt that... he is hers.

This wonderful comic by lecter38 features lifting, flexing, lapsitting, domination, wrestling, scissoring, forced kissing, a non-consensual NSFW scene, facesitting, comparisons, and all the other juicy stuff you love!

(All characters are at least 18 when they engage in sexual activities) 

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