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In part one of Muscle Crush we were introduced to big and sexy female bodybuilder Bridget, who took on both her brother Robby and his friend Tim. In this part, Bridget's friend Jenna, who is even taller than Bridget, joins in the fun!

Bridget greets Robby - who she will rename to Weakling - by easily lifting him overhead and then clamping him between her thighs, making him worship her. In the meantime, Bridget and Tim are having a slightly more romantic time in the bathroom, where Tim is able to see all of Bridget's gloriously muscular body and is lifted high in the air by her.

Later, the two amazons and their little men meet on the deck, and there the fun goes on, with more lifts, face-sitting, throws, and more yumminess!

And through it all, we also get to know Bridget's mom, who's also a female bodybuilder and who's on a date with an admirer...

This amazing comic by Lecter38 contains numerous incredibly hot scenes of lifting, comparison, big boobs, female muscle beauty, domination and humiliation, but also tenderness and romance. 

116 pages

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