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Mr Gaber wakes up next to a huge, muscular back and it's only very slowly that his memories of what happened before come back...

He is taken to their basement gym by the muscular young girls Barb and Skye. Skye challenges Mr Gaber to several strength contests. After she convincingly wins at push-ups, she lifts, overpowers and outmuscles the small man in all possible ways.  There's some awe-inspiring scissors by her big legs, a game of mercy at the end of which she just lifts him by his hands, failed squats, and much more. 

But then, the girls' mother walks in, and yes, she's got muscles too. A strict red-head beauty, Mrs. Martin picks Gaber up and takes him to the kitchen, where she'll have her way with the poor guy!

This episode contains beautiful lifts, feats of strengths, flexing, domination, humiliation, aerial blow jobs, amazing comparisons, and lots more of Lecter38's awesome posework!

108 pages

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