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There's three awesome parts in this third chapter of Muscle Crush.

There is Rob's incredible confrontation with the beatiful, tall, muscular sexy redhead Jenna, who picks him up and takes him to her room, where she loves to demonstrate the incredible size difference between them. The huge musclegirl makes him worship him and scissors him, puts him on her lap, compares hands with him, cradles him, smothers him, lifts him, takes him... Whatever you can imagine, Jenna does to him! Oh, and did I mention that in the meantime, Rob meets Jenna's younger and very sexy sister, who seems to be looking for some play as well?

Then there's the small Lilly, who is amazed to find the huge female bodybuilder Bridget at her boyfriend Tim's house. Bridget makes Tim confess to his girlfriend that he's been unfaithful to his girlfriend, and suggests Lilly punish him (with a little help from Bridget). Anyone into a little spanking? Or forced copulation while being carried by a musclegirl? What follows will blow your socks off!

And thirdly, we begin and end with Kim, who shows Stephen a thing or two about her muscles... and about wrestling! Kim is not as huge as the two other girls so fans of mor realistic musclegirls will love this part, which features incredibly well done wrestling  (including an armwrestling match where Stephen uses both hands), poses and female muscle domination.

115 pages

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