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The final part of this series has finally arrived...

In a smotheringly hot scene, which continues the NSFW scene from chapter 12, we see Stella lift her two guys and tell them to satisfy her while they are both on her shoulders. After that, they have a conversation about their "threesome situation". 

We see Stella be kind to Remy and dominate Tino, we see Remy with Cindy and Tino with Cindy, we see sexy threesomes and an amazing foursome. There's one more confrontation with Remy's dad. Kendra, dad's sexy mistress, as well as Stella's mom, also strutt their musclestuff in this episode, which ties everything together. 

This chapter contains wonderful comparisons between huge women and short guys, twosomes, threesomes and foursomes, lift & carry scenes, domination and humiliation, big boobs and flexing, strap-ons, aerial blowjobs, worshipping, and much more. It is the perfect ending to this long-running and popular series. 

This series is all about realism, characters with depth, tension that builds up, plot and dialogue so believable that you really feel immersed in the story as if you were there...! I've spent a lot of effort on the graphics and storytelling. It's pure, subtle hotness mixed with sweet romance, and a lot of muscle and beauty!

128 pages


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