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Welcome back to the world of the giant female bodybuilders Katarina and Cassie, and their toy Nathan!

Part 3 ended with Nathan hooking up with the equally big - but gentle-hearted Konani... with Cassie witnessing!

Cassie and Katarina are of course enraged at their slave's cheating on them, and are out for revenge.

Will the aggressive female muscleheads be able to capture Nathan, or will Konani be able to protect him from his bullies?

Incredible size and height comparisons (see the included the height chart in the previews), big boobs, female domination, humiliation but also (from the part of Konani) a gentle giantess. There's also overhead lifts, a throat lift, a hand job, lapsitting and even sissification! 

Text and story by MiniGtsLover.

135 pages.

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