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Once again we find the twins Mike and John next to powerhouse Tacha on the couch. It's been some months since we saw this big female bodybuilder in chapter one, and she's quite a bit bigger now, towering over the two siblings, and teasing and playing with them to her heart's content. 

Later that day, at night, there is the party for the twins' dad, Kevin, and it's a musclefest of amazons: Tacha, Cat, Ana and Mrs. Yvanov are all present, lifting, armwrestling, playing with the boys as if they were toys.

Then comes a surprise announcement: there will be an afterparty, in Tacha's honor. As the girl will be leaving for college, the others have organized an amazing birthday gift that involves... the three men.

This comic features incredible comparisons, big boobs, armwrestling, lifting, lapsitting, muscle worship, foot worship, and lots morme!

113 pages

(c) Amazonias 2023

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