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Derek is trying to resist Rhonda and plans to break off their online relationship. But when Rhonda sends him more content, he can no longer control himself and suggests that they meet.

He'll be travelling to another town for a conference, and is happy to pay for Rhonda's flight and hotel... 

No matter how he's looking forward to their meeting, Derek sees it as something he has to do in order to be able to go on. He has to have this experience. After this, he'll be done with Rhonda, and salvage his marriage.

But what if Rhonda is just too big, too strong and too sexy for little Derek?

This series contains some of my best work, with much attention to detail and a great plot. featuring the amazingly sexy and beautiful Rhonda. This episode has beautiful comparisons, lift and carry, subtle domination and control,  flexing, muscle worship... and much more!

124 pages

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