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Cindy and her mom have left Zane with the imposing and musclebound slave trader Bruuna, who will investigate Zane's memory loss. Her domination of Zane is stunning, especially the position she takes him in.

When Zane arrives home, he checks in with Mistress Ella, who has grown bigger in the meantime. Ella needs to be pleased, and Zane knows what to do. Before he leaves her, she admits to a kink.

In the third scene in this episode, we witness Cindy's growth spurt, just as she is confronting her new slave Reggie. She grows as she holds him, and he's raised into the air as she gets bigger.

This superhot female muscle comic features lifting (including throatlifts) and carrying, female muscle growth, domination and humiliation, comparisons, flexing, scissors, forced oral, big boobs, and so much more!

118 pages

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