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In chapter one, small Jed met the huge, overweight Miyun, who is bulled by the musclegirls Raven and Michelle.

Jed has convinced Miyun to eat healthier and start running. It's hard at first, but Miyun quickly loses weight, and the two nerds become good friends.

Their friendship seems to be on track to become something more... until one night the superhot Raven - bigger than before - enters Jed's room and Jed has to admit this bodybuilderbully aroused the hell out of him. She invites him to come to her room the next night...

Revenge of the Nerds is the story of Miyun's transformation, and how little Jed will help her find a new destiny. This female muscle comic features two gorgeous amazonian bullies, lifting and carrying, domination and humiliation, romance, comparisons, and so much more. 

105 pages

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