My girlfriend Tania - part 8

Kurt Logan

After the double date dinner, Tania takes Tim to a secluded spot in town, where they have a view of the moonlight shining on the sea. In this final episode of the epic My Girlfriend Tania series, we'll be witnessing a long, amazing scene of little Tim making love to his gigantic girlfriend Tania. 

Tania takes the lead, as she always does, and this romantic night will bring out her wild and kinky side. She'll amaze Tim (and the reader) with an incredible throw, and then undresses the little man to guide him to everything her heart (and libido) desires. The beautiful musclegirl will take her little man again and again, making him enjoy the touch of her big muscles, even as she lifts him at the same time. The pleasure for both of them is unforgettable, and Tim realizes that below Tania's big muscles is exactly where he belongs...

Enjoy incredible comparisons, lapsitting, beautiful big boobs, scissors, muscle worship, lift and carry, facesitting, and everything else you would love Tania to do to you...

101 pages

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