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Little Jack lives together with the female bodybuilders Mey and Lynn - it's a dream come true for any man!

After a few months of this, however, Mey is starting to feel left out and underappreciated, as well as constantly being compared to her sister.  This is the story of the day she snaps and decides to push the 'nice' Mey aside. 

A more dominant side awakens in the musclegirl, and Jack - and some other guys - will experience what that is like.

Will they like it when an incredibly muscular giantess gets angry?
I'm sure at least you will! 

This comic - which can be read on its own - features feats of strength, numerous lifts, muscle worship, comparisons, facesitting, a gentle giantess getting more dominant, handjobs, big boobs, and other wonderful stuff.

105 pages

(c) Amazonias 2023

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