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It's two weeks after Jack, Lynn and Mey have started dating. They are now practically living together. Lynn, the younger one, is taller, while Mey has the bigger muscles.

Being together with two sexy and huge musclewomen at the same time may sound like a dream come true for any amazon admirer. And yet, sharing a boyfriend comes with some problems for the two girls.

As Lynn is a more demanding person, requiring a lot of attention, Mey at times feels a bit left out. Jack is all too happy to comfort her and set things right...

Once alone with Jack, beautiful and sexy Mey lets her instincts loose...

This chapter features mindblowing comparisons, enormous boobs flying in all directions, sexy poses and NSFW scenes, breastfeeding, lifts, lapsitting, a bear hug, and so much more!

(and by the way: can you spot some of Kurt Logan's heroines in subtle cameo roles?)

107 pages

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