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In the previous chapters of the Muscle Bombshells series, we got acquainted with the giant musclesgirls Mey and Lynn, and how they won Jack for themselves. In this issue, it's time to introduce you a bit further to the parents - or rather, the mothers of the children. 

Peach, Jack's mom, has confessed to Minn, the mom of Mey and Lynn, that she admires her muscles and wouldn't mind looking and being stronger herself. Big female Minn - stunningly bigger than last time we saw her - is all too glad to introduce Peach to the gym, and to the amazing world of female muscle!

And so the two women hit the iron, Minn being a gentle teacher to Peach. Not only does she give the small woman great workout instructions, she also hands her a special tea - an oriental recipe that's been in the family for ages, she says.

In the meantime, we also get acquainted with a couple of other amazing female bodybuilders who are working out at the very same gym. And we are witness to what happens when some of the male gymrats challenge these muscular girls.

This episode features the amazing beauty of Minn's gloriously sculpted muscles, amazing comparisons, muscle worship, female bodybuilders wrestling smaller men, gym workouts, and the beginnings of Peach's muscle growth.  

102 pages

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