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Mindy - appearing for the third time in the Muscle Bombshells series - gets a good income from wrestling guys. One male, of course, is no match for her, so she can take up to five at the same time. And she does in this comic!

Mindy doesn't just show us her amazingly muscular body and her skills, she also demonstrates her incredible strength... with a truck! her fresh boyfriend Eddie can't believe what he's seeying!

Speaking about Eddie, the female bodybuilder then takes him to a closed gym, where she shows off even more, and where Eddie has the night of his life, Mindy combining him and the weights. Her arm muscles are truly incredible in this episode!

This stunning comic - which can be read on its own - features feats of strength, wrestling, scissors, lift and carry, muscle worship, comparisons, romance, flexing, a gentle giantess getting more dominant, an incredibly sexy workout/NSFW scene, throws, and more!

110 pages

(c) Amazonias 2023

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