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When Art breaks up with Jess, the young girl is devasted, feeling abandonned and afraid. But it isn't long before she starts to think about the advantages: she loves sports and working, but gaining muscle all too easily, Art was always afraid she'd get too big.

Now, Art's conservative tastes are no longer a concern...

Jess doesn't waste any time: over the next weeks and months, thanks to long workouts, good nutrition and some great supplements, she grows quickly. And now and then, she shows herself to her ex-boyfriend.

She also keeps a toy boy on the side. It's not exactly evolving into something romantic, but as Jess gains confidence, it does quickly become... something else.

In this first chapter, we're introduced to the main characters of this hot new series. There is natural, but quite quick muscle growth, comparisons, workouts with weights, flexing, Jess pleasuring herself over her muscles, several beautiful lifts, and so much more!

102 pages

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