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Seeking to earn a little bit of money to pay for college, little five feet two Ted applies for a position as a videographer for the "extreme volleyball" team. He quickly discovers the girls on the team are incredibly tall and athletic. In the course of the next few days and weeks, he gets closer to one of them, Sandy, who is the tallest and nicest of them all.

As Sandy's teammates discover the unsuspected pleasures and benefits of a small boyfriend, will they want their piece of him as well?

This comic by new artist ImDoraemon features amazingly sexy girls that are tall even by Amazonias' standards, the tallest of them being no less than ten feet six! Though quite athletic, these girls are also not full blown bodybuilders of almost all other comics. Yet georgeous they are!

This comic features hot NSFW scenes, awesome comparisons, lifts, lapsitting, romance and more!

107 pages

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