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Cindy, a small married woman, has agreed to host the daughter of a friend. Cindy hasn't seen Lara since she babysat on her, and is in for quite a surprise: the young girl has gotten huge! Cindy finds herself instantly physically attracted to the bodybuilder, even as her husband Dave is both irritated and intimidated.

At a certain point, Cindy just can't help herself anymore, and surrenders to Cindy's incredible female muscles. And poor Dave... well, let's say he gets involved as well.

This comic by Lecter38 is densely packed with all kinds of amazing scenes and poses. It features an incredibly self-assured and beautifully rendered musclegirl, lots of lifts, armwrestling, smothering, aerial hand jobs, an unforgettable 1 on 2 scene, and so much more. Honestly, the things that Lara does with both Cindy and Dave will blow your socks off!

105 pages

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