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In this second chapter of Yue's story, the young, once tiny girl gets even more massive, and more dominating. Now eighteen, we see Yue on the weight machines - where she adds her parents for good measure - and get some closeups of her tremendous growth. Then, when she's ready, Yue sets off for her old and tiny friend Sven.

To her suprise, she finds him chained to the bed, being dominated by another girl - a really tiny one. Seen together with this girl, Yue is a true giantess, especially in heels. 

What follows is an incredible feast of female muscle domination. Yue takes on Sven and the girl at the same time, and seeing the threesome you'd say the big female bodybuilder could easily take on another one or two people simultaneously!

This amazing comic by Elenamazon features some of the most incredible comparisons you've ever seen, as well as lifts, head palming, and a stunning scene of boob smothering (for, eh... want of a better term). There's an incredible aerial blow job as well, and much, much more. Prepare to be amazed!

108 pages

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