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Here's a sweet, simple short comic, featuring your usual beautiful, tall and sexy female bodybuilder, and for the first time, a fat guy. That's what this comic is about: the contrast between a fit woman and an out of shape man. That, and lot of lifts! Yes, this is one for the fans of lift and carry scenes!

Fit Anne and Fat Jerome are not that much different in weight. But the true difference, Ann says, is that she is all muscle and his all fat. Watch as the musclegirl lifts the fat man in all possible ways, demonstrating her superior female strength. Watch her muscles bulge under the pressure, and see how she still has arms free to flex and show off her big guns. 

I created most of the pictures for this story a long time ago, with an older render engine, so you might see that the graphical quality is not up to a par with more recent work. 

32 pages

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