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Henry's treat for himself and his friend James doesn't go as planned. With his father's secret invention, Henry was able to give Belinda bigger breasts, but another setting on the gun created massive female muscle growth on Phoebe's body.

Now, beautiful, big-boobed Belinda wants to have muscles as well, and Phoebe forces Henry to use the gun on her friend.

Both female bodybuilders test their new bodies in a friendly game of volleyball, during which they experience the full joy of being muscular and powerful.

But then, inspecting the gun, Henry finds yet another setting on the gun. He wants to keep it a secret, but it's too late. Belinda has overheard him and tells him to aim the gun at her, hoping for still more growth...

Most of the pics are topless and NSFW, so the previews can't do the comic justice, but you'll get the idea. 

I named this comic simply Female Muscle Growth, because that's what it's about. I know you love beautiful sexy women growing into ferocious bodybuilders, and that's exactly what happens in this series.

This comic contains lots of female muscle growth, big boobs, incredible comparisons, female strength and athleticism, and much more fingerlicking stuff.

Join Henry and James, and make the trip to the island. You won't regret it for a second!

103 pages

Thanks to Vincent Z. for commissioning this product!

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