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Think you're ready for some more adventures of big, beautiful female bodybuilder Jess? Let's see...

We start off with Jess dominating her boy toy Andy. Jess is still discovering what she likes, and she's discovering it quickly. To her, it's all about being in charge, with her muscles and her power, and being physically stronger than anyone else. Poor Andy will get to experience that first hand.

From Soren, one of her ex-boyfriend's friends, she learns that Art will be spending the weekend with his new girlfriend Tina, in his parents' house. And so Jess pays them a visit. Showing them her glorious physique, she starts to subtly dominate - and scare - the twosome. Back home, she's incredibly horny and hits the weights, thinking about how she will visit the couple again tomorrow...

This superhot second chapter features the beautiful, muscular, dominating Jess in all her glory. We see her overpower and humiliate Andy and Soren, there's weightlifting, Jess getting off by herself, intimidation, comparisons, and just a general atmosphere of overal subtle domination and sexiness. 

104 pages

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