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With Victoria watching, the tall female bodybuilder Kimberly and the muscular office manager Brandi continue scaring and dominating their bosses, Mr. Brown and Mr. Cooper. The tall women still need confirmation that the men will get them appropriate office furniture.

While Mr. Brown is easily turned on between Brandi's strong legs, Mr. Cooper needs some more convincing. Kimberly literally turns the tables on him and then forces him to service her. After she makes him lose his pants, Mr. Cooper gets more and more excited as well.

What follows is basically an extended NSFW scene in which the women show the men who really rules the company, and get them ever closer, both by threats and seduction, to complete obedience.

This extra long female muscle and domination comic features comparisons, a lot of scissoring, facesitting, flexing, domination and humiliation, draining, power play, and a lot of very varied and very explicit NSFW stuff!

145 pages

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