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The incredibly tall, strong and sexy female bodybuilder Caitlyn returns, bringing her boys to the hotel gym for a session that future generations of amazon lovers will forever be talking about!

When the gym seems not entirely empty, Caitlyn has an ingenious solution for that. Next, she pumps up her muscles and then goes on to punish Benny and reward Eddie (she has her reasons). But is the reward really a reward? Caitlyn will use Eddie. And use, and use and use him, until... Well, see for yourself.

Benny, in the meantime, stands behind the camera filming everything, trying hard to control himself.

Even if i say so myself, this has to be one of the hottest comics in the genre. Thanks again to Joyce Julep for writing the text!

This comic contains incredible comparisons, flexing, lifting, forced cuming as well as orgasm denial, muscle worship amazingly creative lifts, domination and humiliation, hand-jobs, lapsitting, and so much more!

Better sit down and close all doors before you open the pdf!

126 pages

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