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The gorgeous, musclebound Lisa meets Gino at an office Christmas party. They have a few drinks and Gino ends up going home with Lisa, stricken as he is by the female bodybuilder's strength and beauty. 

At home, however, Lisa fends Gino off.  It's clear that Lisa is holding back, and that she doesn't want to take Gino to new heights. But why? Gino is confused, until finally there's some noise in the hallway and someone comes in who bears a striking resemblance to Lisa, yet is older and, incredibly, bigger still. 

 Gino gasps for breath, without any idea what he's gotten himself into.

This superhot female domination comic features two incredibly sexy female bodybuilders, one larger than the other; big boobs; comparisons, flexing; domination; lifting; scissoring; orgasm denial, and so much more. 

107 pages

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