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This story is what you'd call straight to the point: we get into the action, the muscle, the comparison shots... from the very first image, and stay there till the very last. Thirty one year old Sergey (5.2") meets Nineteen year old Allison (6.7"). We will witness lifts, headlocks and other holds, and a lot of domination and humilation. Some of my guys are so fortunate to run into gentle giantesses. That's not the case for Sergey here: Allison is as mean as she's tall, as cruel as she's strong. Even being twelve years younger than her victim, she shows no signs of hesitation: she is in love with her body and her strength, and she especially gets off on seeing fear in her victim's eyes...

Allison is a BEAST of a female bodybuilder. Be warned!

PDF, 100 pages

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