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Alpha Females is creator K. Styler's premiere on Amazonias, and he brings you something different indeed. This comic doesn't feature the incredibly muscular, big-boobed women you are used to from Amazonias. What you are still getting, however, is very fit, sexy, beautiful girls. And what you are definitely getting more of is realism, and a very intense atmosphere of domination. It's for lovers of bad, mean girls who don't hold back.

In this first episode of Alpha Females, tree men are literally hunted by female predators, who are clearly used to always getting whatever they want. Meet Alyssia, an 18 year old olympic athlete, standing almost two meters tall; Laura, the dominant CEO of a big company at 30, and the tanned and toned Basia, 38, who is both athlete and businesswoman (and whose psyche harbors very dark fantsasies).

These three powerful women become the terror of our three men, who are leisurely drinking and chatting on an isolated part of Long Beach in Queensland, Australia...

Alpha Females is probably the most realistic comic ever on Amazonias. And as you will see, realism can be a huge turn on! This comic manages to convey what it feels like to be hunted and overpowered by dominant women who are physically stronger than you. I'm sure you'll love the three amazing amazons and how they commandeer their men... Be aware that these girls don't hold back. 

75 pages

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