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A female muscle comic by Amazonias!

The tenth volume of "A Taste of Amazonias" offers more sample sequences from comics available at www.amazonias.net. This time it's extra-long!

Enjoy some of the sexiest short sequences of three to five pictures from Muscle Romance 1 & 2, Roommates 1 & 2, Musclegirl 1 & 2, Their Tiny Toy, The Protectress 1 & 2, Girls that Grow 6 & 7, Katie 22 & 23, Stepmom 5 & 6, Hot Summer 7 & 8, and The Russian Stepsister.

You'll get pictures with size comparisons, wrestling holds, female domination and intimidation, musclegirls working out, nsfw scenes, tall girls and mini giantesses, romance, female muscle growth, big breasts, breastfeeding, bicep flexing, muscle worship, lift and carry, and more!

Tips are always appreciated, especially for free comics!

95 pages

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