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Something happened! This chapter starts with beautiful seven feet four tall female bodybuilder Zrinka worrying nervously about Jim at the hospital. She's been a stupid girl, she thinks, and goes over the events of the late afternoon.

Zrinka had made a lot of progress, getting progressively less shy, and we see her and Jim engage in more and more explicit acts, where Jim encourages Zrinka to assert herself (and dominate him), while Jim enjoys her enormous power, size and beauty. There's a lot of lifting, cuddling, throwing around until... Jim manages to overexcite Zrinka and things get a little out of hand...

This is a romantic story with a gentle giantess and her much shorter savior. This episode features amazing comparison shots, romance, lifts (including overhead lifts), gentle domination, throws, muscle worship, and quite some NSFW scenes... There's so much muscle, so much beauty, so much hotness in this comic that I have no doubt you'll enjoy the f*ck out of it :-)

119 pages

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