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Jim and the beautiful and incredibly big female bodybuilder Zrinka (she's seven feet four!) are just married and arrive at a vacation home in the desert. They get into their swimsuits and Jim is once again struck by Zrinka's bulging muscles and incredible size.

Jim definitely wants to get closer to the muscular amazon, feeling that she's exciting him like no one else ever has. However, no matter how tall, strong and gorgeous this female bodybuilder might be, she is also very shy, insecure and inexperienced, and Jim will have to work to convince her.

Will Jim manage to convince this unique woman that he thinks she's really beautiful and sexy? 


This is a romantic story with a gentle giantess and her much shorter savior. This episodes features amazing comparison shots, lifts, muscle worship, romance and frankly Zrinka is one of the most beautiful and sexy girls in Amazonias...

111 pages

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