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The second and final part of Night of the Megazons continues where we left off: Danny is worshipping the incredibly huge muscles of female bodybuilder Dakota, who he went home with after meeting her in a bar. 

After Danny's hands have gone over Dakota's massive biceps, abs and more, we switch again to Dakota's roommate Ruth. We saw her grow from a small girl to a bodybuilder already in chapter 1, but here she'll do a lot more growing!

Aiden and Brain, the two studs that picked a fight with Dakota and also came home with her, watch in amazement as Ruth's big, biceps and all other body parts grow to incredible proportions!

And then Ruth is just beginning. 

This second chapter contains incredible comparisons, muscle worship, domination, breathtaking comparisons, rapid female muscle growth lifts, domination and humiliation, flexing, lift and carry,  and is packed with NSFW stuff! 

106 pages

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