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Chapter 6: Surrender 

It's been an incredible night, and Leon wakes up from it exhausted, but more sober-headed. He realizes that if he wants a life for himself, he'll have to escape from the hold Hannah and Hailey now have over him. They are his ultimate fantasy, bigger, stronger, more muscular, and deliciously dominant. It's incredibly hot, but where does it leave Leo?

When Leo tells his dad that he wants to take a university program in San Francisco for three semesters, Hannah is there to hear it. She confers with Hailey and together the musclegirls confront Leon. Hannah takes one step further than she did last time...

Later that night, after the sister's domination is even more complete, Leon is wrestling with himself, going crazy. Finally he goes to Hailey's room because he can't take it anymore...

This chapter features the two beautiful musclegirls in wonderful outfits, comparisons between them and Leon, a lot of physical domination and mental play, lifts, holds, flexing, forced intimacy, leg and much more!

Muscles in the Family is a long female muscle growth series that tells the story of two girls who want to get bigger for one boy. Hannah and Hailey, starting out at thirteen and twelve years old respectively, have a crush on Leon. Leon is from a different mom and dad, but they have been living together ever since Hannah and Hailey's mom got together with Leon's dad. For all practical purposes, they're siblings.

109 pages

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No characters are nude or participate in adult action when they are minors.