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Chapter 16: moving on

Hailey continues playing with Frankie in the hotel room - demonstrating, among other things, the world famous "boobwalk". When she's done with the little guy, she leaves him to her sister, who also has a go at him. Frankie ends the evening sandwiched between the two monstruoulsy huge female bodybuilders.

We skip a few weeks, and you might wonder how the relationship is between the girls and mom and dad in the meantime. We'll know soon, as Hannah and Hailey bump into the house that they want. Only... Michael says that it's above budget...

Remember Jago, Hannah's toy boy? We finally meet him again, and he's changed a bit, according to giantess Hannah's wishes. She holds no punches in convincing him to evolve even further.

This episode contains incredible lift and carry scenes (including one-legged lifts and throatlifts), amazing comparisons with big musclegirls, wrestling holds, a spectacular scene in the pool, flexing, domination, humiliation, muscle worship, and more!

Muscles in the Family is a long female muscle growth series that tells the story of two girls who want to get bigger for one boy. Hannah and Hailey, starting out at thirteen and twelve years old respectively, have a crush on Leon. Leon is from a different mom and dad, but they have been living together ever since Hannah and Hailey's mom got together with Leon's dad. For all practical purposes, they're siblings.

123 pages

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